Curriculum Vitae
Ida Bagus Adi Sudewa

Name Ida Bagus Adi Sudewa
Objective A position as a software engineer or an information technology consultant
Personal Information
Marital status Single
Age 25
Place of Birth Denpasar, Bali
Parents Ida Bagus Anom Rai and Desak Made Sudiati,
both live in Bali
1996 - 2000 Institute of Technology Bandung
  • Sarjana Teknik (Bachelor of Engineering) degree, from Informatics Engineering Department
  • Graduated cum laude, grade points 3.48, of maximum 4.00
  • Core courses attended in ITB:
    • Algorithms 1, 2, 3 and Data Structures
    • Software Engineering 1, 2
    • Operating Systems
    • System Programming
    • Computer Architecture 1, 2
    • Computer Networks 1, 2, and Distributed Computing
    • Network Planning and Management
  • Developed a suite of applications, RTSimula –a real-time railroad simulator- as my final project.
  • My supervisors are Dr. Ing. Farid Wazdi and Achmad Imam K., MSc. This project include extensive Linux programming from low-level kernel modules up to user-level program development and X-Window programming using GTK+
1993 - 1996 High School SMA Negeri 1 Denpasar
  • Grade points 66.26, of maximum 70.00
  • Graduated best of the school and best of Bali province
1990 - 1993 Junior High School SMP Negeri 1 Denpasar
  • Grade points 52.86, of maximum 60.00

1984 - 1990

Elementary School SD 3 Saraswati Denpasar

  • Grade points 43.86, of maximum 50.00
  • Graduated second best of the school
Work experiences
1998 – 2000 Informatics Engineering Department
  • Network Administrator, 1998 – 2000. An administrator’s tasks include instalation and maintenance of web servers, mail servers, proxy servers, network file system, and network yellow pages. Laboratories are equipped with Linux and Solaris servers, Windows 95 and Diskless Linux workstations
  • Teaching Assistant of Computer Architecture 1 course, 1999
  • Teaching Assistant of Operating System course, 1999
  • Teaching Assistant of System Programming course, 2000
  • Trainer of Unix Basic Training for Freshmen, 1998, 1999, 2000
  • Trainer of Unix Advanced Training for Students, 2000
1998 – 1999 PT POS Diploma Programme
  • Laboratory Assistant of Visual Basic course, 1998
  • Laboratory Assistant of Computer Network course, 1999
June – August 1999 Jakarta Stock Exchange Software Developer, develop a module of JSX office application. The team programmed with PowerBuilder and Microsoft SQL Server
September – December 1999 RisTI Telkom Bandung Software Developer, develop an examination application (It’s an MCSE-like examination). The team programmed with Borland’s Delphi and Microsoft Access databases
Organization experiences
March 1997 Organizer of Bandung Nyepi Day Celebration
1998 – 1999 Secretary of ITB Hindu Students’ Association
April 1999 Organizer of Y2K Seminar held by Informatics Students’ Association
1999 – 2000 Chief of Training Division, Informatics Students’ Association
Awards received
August 1989 Best elementary school student of East Denpasar
June 1996 Best eight contestants of National Computing Olympiad
June 1996 Best high school graduate of Bali
October 2000 Best ten graduates of Informatics Engineering Department ITB
Current activities
  • Network Administrator of IF-ITB local intranet
  • Jury of Informatics Challenge Game 2000, a programming contest for high school students. A jury's tasks include creating problem sets, composing test cases, and grading all solutions offered by contestants
  • Article Writer. Two articles about Programming with Linux were appeared in Mikrodata Magazine (Volume 6 and 7 this year)
  • Maintainer of RTSimula project, formerly my final project. Descriptions of RTSimula can be viewed at http://rtsimula.opensource.or.id